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Vitamins and supplements

Why should you buy with Shipzee?

Highest product quality

Large US brands often use lower quality material in products for secondary markets in Europe. By purchasing from the USA you have secured the best possible product quality, as it is one of the largest and most controlled markets in the world where only the highest quality materials are used in the production of food supplements and vitamins.

Lowest product prices

Most US products, including food supplements and vitamins, are significantly cheaper than in Europe. Shipzee provides the cheapest brokerage services in applicable countries and maintains extremely low prices for shipping products.

Exceptional product offerings

It is not a secret that the highest quality food supplements and vitamin manufacturers are major US companies that are introducing the latest and most advanced products in the United States only, therefore obtaining such products in applicable countries is much more complicated.


US supplements and vitamins are very often discounted. Keep track of your favorite online stores and save even more when shopping for discounts.

No additional fees

Shipzee offers prices are final with delivery to your home door. After payment, you will not need to pay any additional fees.

Fast delivery

Shipzee will take care of the fast and reliable delivery of your product throughout Europe. In most cases, packages will be delivered to your home door within 7-10 business days at no extra charge.

Shipping insurance

All shipments are insured against possible damage during transportation and shipped via our reliable partner Atlantic Express Corp.

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