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Purchase of car and motorcycle parts from USA

Why should you buy with Shipzee

Exclusive offer

The US car and moto parts market is a huge market where you can find many original stores for all brands of car manufacturers in the world. Also, United States has a huge supply of assorted car and motorcycle parts that you can buy at the lowest prices.

Lowest transportation prices

It is not a secret that transportation of bulky and weighty car and moto parts from the USA are expensive and not always worthwhile, but Shipzee will take care of low shipping prices and will save you money.


US auto and motorcycle dealers tend to apply high discounts. Keep track of store websites and save when shopping at discounts.

No additional fees

Prices in Shipzee offers are final with delivery to your home door. After the payment you will not need to pay any additional fees.

Fast delivery

Shipzee will take care of the fast and reliable delivery of goods across Europe. We recommend sending small car and moto parts by airplane (7-10 business days) and bulky or weighty parts by ship (4-6 weeks).

Shipment insurance

Shipzee will insure and safely deliver the goods to your address throughout applicable countries

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