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What is Shipzee?

Shipzee is a unique shopping platform that empowers the customer without any hassle and effort to purchase goods from many US online stores until all technical work is done for him.

Why Shipzee?


The long lasting experience of brokering at Shipzee offers the opportunity to offer the lowest prices, high quality service and fast delivery of goods to the chosen address throughout applicable countries.

Saving methods

Moreover, while using different purchase methods Shipzee is able to offer the lowest product prices including shipping and taxes.

How can Shipzee offer such low prices?

Shipzee is the first such type of service that uses various money saving methods while purchasing items from US online stores. This way Shipzee can offer extremely low prices of goods with shipping and taxes included.

Do the offers include all import taxes?

Our answer is very simple - all import taxes, including VAT and customs are included in the final price and due to the saving methods mentioned before, Shipzee will pay a share of taxes for you!

Money saving methods used by Shipzee:

Affiliate programs

Shipzee makes a lot of purchases from the most popular stores every day, therefore sellers exclusively give Shipzee gift vouchers and additional discounts.

Carts consolidation

Perfectly balanced Shipzee order consolidation and storage system makes it possible to combine shopping carts efficiently, which provides additional discounts.

Discount codes

Different US stores have public and secret discount codes. Shipzee uses special platforms that identify and use those codes when available.

Gift Cards

Shipzee is using US platforms to buy popular stores gift cards at discount prices that are later used to buy your goods.

„Rebates“ platforms

Shipzee uses special discount platforms that allow to retrieve a percentage of the money spent on each order.

Consolidated parcels to applicable countries.

All weekly parcels are consolidated into one large consignment and are sent using bulk shipping services to applicable countries, which allows us to offer highly competitive shipping rates.

How does it look closer?

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