the shortest path from US online stores

We strive to make shopping in the US as simple as ordering items from local shops. Therefore, we have carefully selected our logistics partner that can offer the best rates to our clients, created a unique intermediary platform, and brought together a team of specialists working with customer requests and orders every day.

2 600 000+

Price requests we have answered

44 618

Stores we`ve bought from

420 000+

Tons of packages we have shipped

Shopping in the US with us is simple, safe, and direct.

The values that guide us

Customer Driven

We provide the highest quality service to create value for our customer. We know what the customer expects and respond to those expectations. We put all our efforts and capabilities into ensuring the best customer experience.

The highest standards

We are not satisfied with “less” and always aim for “higher”. We take into consideration even the smallest details and look for ways to improve things that have and may have an impact on our work and organization's success.


We are flexible towards all involved stakeholders: clients, colleagues, partners, organization. We are able to adapt to any situation and quickly change the course of action depending on the circumstances. We are not afraid of tackling various problems that arise in our line of work and solve them efficiently.